Saturday, October 16, 2004

Limitation in Pocket Blog editing

A colleague noticed a limitation in Pocket Blog's edting:

" seems that the problem is that if you edit a post that you have made on your handheld before you synch the first time, it no longer allows you to submit that posting. That is edits should only take place in posts that have been uploaded - although the software allows you to do it on the PDA."

I verified that this is the case, so some care is needed to work around this bug. Either you are sure that your initial effort won't need editing before uploading or you prepare the entry elsewhere and then copy and paste just before uploading. Actually, you can do this within the program (as I'm doing here). Create and edit your entry as normal and when ready, create a new entry and copy and paste from your draft. Select all the text with the stylus and then use the (virtual) keyboard to do the copy (e.g tap CTRL followed by C .

But, be careful of where you paste from - I introduced some unwanted characters from Pocket Word - the quote above became: "� seems� the� problem� is� that� if� you edit� a� post� that� you� have� made� on� your� handheld� before� you� synch� t.." Oops!


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