Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Introducing OxMobile

I'd like to open 2008 by offering ... a mobile strategy! It's initially for Oxford University, where I work, but in the longer term as a stepping stone for projects and services that will make Oxford's enormous wealth of resources of far wider benefit. It is just a personal document and as such does not in any way reflect official policy. However, as it is a personal creation, it means I can share it freely. :-)

So I am pleased to present:
OxMobile: Towards a Mobile and Ubiquitous Strategy for the University of Oxford

Yes, it is a long document! Why did I go to such lengths? Well, I'm not yet aware of any other explicitly mobile strategy at Oxford; feeling that there really ought to be one I decided to spend time at home writing a document that can move us in that direction. I hope it serves as a basis for various shorter documents that address particular needs such as business case, briefings, project plans etc.

To begin with I suggest just dipping in to the sections that are of interest to you. My core personal interest is in OxPDA and particularly the e-Diary (see sections 5.2 and 5.5), which emerged out of my earlier posts on this blog (parts one, two and three). Since those posts I feel that various factors have ripened to make this really viable.

Any comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome - this is so far only one person's selection, albeit produced over an extended period. I would be particularly pleased if it prompted the development of a variety of mobile and ubiquitous strategies at other academic institutions. Just think how such initiatives might improve education worldwide...